Military Appreciation Football & Basketball Games

rutgers vs wisconsin.  11/6/2021. Time: TBA. Military Appreciation Game

RU Military Connected Students, Alumni, Faculty, & Staff, Reserve your Complimentary Tickets for the Military Appreciation Games! Football on November 6th and Men's Basketball on November 13th.  See attached flyers for more details.

Rutgers University v. University of Wisconsin. 11/6/2021. Time: TBA. Military Appreciation Football Game.  Complimentary tickets are available for military affiliated students, family and friends.  Email with how many tickets you would like to reserve.

Military Appreciation Game - Men's Basketball. Saturday, November 13th at 2pm. Rutgers University versus Merrimac College. Complimentary Tickets available for Military Affiliated Students, Alumni, Faculty and Staff. We'll take care of your guests too!  Email to reserve tickets.