Office of Veteran and Military Programs and Services General Fund

OVMPS is dedicated to facilitating a smooth transition for military affiliated students through a wide range of programming and services which address academic needs, promote wellbeing, and enhance the professional development of our military-affiliated population. This fund provides OVMPS the ability to support military affiliated students in a holistic way adapting quickly to the students’ needs in real time.

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Emergency Fund

The OVMPS Emergency Fund provides emergency financial assistance to students who are faced with an unexpected financial crisis.  Support often means the difference between a student withdrawing or successfully completing the semester.  Due to COVID 19, the OVMPS Emergency Scholarship Fund has been even more vital supporting students who contracted COVID 19, lost a family member to the virus, been called to active military duty, lost their employment or the roof over their head. 

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Office of Veteran and Military Programs and Services Opportunity Fund

Military affiliated students are more likely to be older, married, have children, have sustained a service connected disability, and be first generation college students while likely working full or part time. Having served as part of an all-volunteer force, compared to the generations of veterans before them they are more diverse by race, gender, and socioeconomic status. 

The additional responsibilities and challenges often create financial barriers preventing them from taking advantage of all the opportunities being enrolled at Rutgers affords them. Imagine working hard to maintain a high GPA with the hopes of entering graduate school only to lack the funds to take the GRE.  Imagine being a single parent close to graduation, but the class you need is at night and you don’t have childcare.  Imagine having to pass up an internship because it is unpaid or underpaid because you support your family.  Imagine starting classes and not having the average $1,240 it costs to purchase necessary text books and supplies.

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