Military Cultural Competency Education Session

In studies conducted at colleges and universities nationwide, military-affiliated students reported feeling that other members of their campus community did not appreciate, understand, or respect their service.  With only seven percent of Americans having served in the military and only half of one percent having served since September 11, 2001, a wide gap exists between those who have served and civilians. By understanding military culture and considering their own attitudes and assumptions, higher education professionals and students gain valuable insight into the experience and transition of military-affiliated students.  The Office of Veteran and Military Programs and Services provides Green Zone Military Cultural Competency education sessions across the University for faculty, staff and students as well as custom education sessions for outside organizations.  These education sessions provide the Rutgers community and our partners with a general overview of military culture, structure and norms that govern those who serve and impact their transition from the military to college and the workplace.  Professionals and students will walk away with the knowledge to more easily communicate with our military-affiliated students.

If you are interested in scheduling a training, please contact us at 848-932-8387 or email Ann Treadaway, Director Office of Veteran and Military Programs and Services at