OVMPS Equity Action Plan


The Office of Veteran and Military Programs and Services (OVMPS) at Rutgers University works to provide an inclusive and supportive environment for our military affiliated community. We are dedicated to facilitating a smooth transition through a wide range of programming and services, which address academic needs, promote wellbeing and equity, and enhance the professional development of our military affiliated population, which consists of individuals from diverse demographic backgrounds and with a variety of life experiences unique to the greater Rutgers community.


Each OVMPS goal overlaps with more than one of the University Priorities.

OVMPS Goal: Cultivate a culture of support for the military affiliated population at Rutgers University and in the broader community and provide information on how to access services available on and off campus.

OVMPS Goal: Offer programs and services that remain current and responsive to military affiliated students’ needs, promote retention and contribute to their education, learning, and professional development.

OVMPS Goal: Establish partnerships both within and outside Rutgers University that raise awareness, promote equity, support recruitment and aid in securing funding to accomplish, sustain, promote, and advance the mission of OVMPS.

OVMPS Goal: Ensure the military affiliated population at Rutgers University is identified, recognized and visible through the development of a Military Affiliated Affinity group.

Action Steps, Timeline, & Responsibility

1. OVMPS will offer Military Cultural Competency (MCC) education sessions twice a semester beginning in Spring 2022, open to all faculty and staff. This fixed schedule will allow faculty and staff to plan. Additionally, Department Chairs could arrange for Military Cultural Competency education sessions and/or encourage faculty to participate. Additionally, as a member of Rutgers Diversity Education Network, the Director will promote MCC education sessions within the group.

2. Promote and encourage staff to participate in professional development opportunities offered by:

     a. Rutgers Diversity Education Network

     b. U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs

     c. NASPA Veterans Knowledge Community

3. 2022-2023 OVMPS will work with OIT to provide faculty and staff the ability to self-identity their military affiliation via My Rutgers Portal. Work with Human Resources to promote the opportunity. The benefits of being able to identify military affiliated staff include:

     a. Increased chances of being awarded veteran/military related grants.

     b. Fostering community and providing opportunities for professional development, mentorship and support for faculty and staff with shared experiences.

     c. Promotes visibility of the military affiliated population, aids in bridging the military civilian divide and helps dispel misconceptions about the military and those who serve.

     d. Allows OVMPS to provide current information about resources and programs for which military affiliated staff and faculty may qualify.

4. 2022-2023 OVMPS will work with Human Resources to form and promote a Military Affiliated Affinity or Employee Resource Group similar to other Big 10 institutions to foster community, formalize mentoring and professional development and promote hiring initiatives.